Divergent was started out of a desire for something more, something different. Some of us have been in church before, and some have not, but we understand there is more to life then just working, eating, sleeping, and dying. We are a church centered on the power of prayer. Divergent was started with Tuesday evening prayer gatherings each week, and prayer remains the center of everything we do.  As we grow and move forward into more gathering times, including Bible studies, youth group, and more, prayer will continue to be at the heart of everything we do. The more we stay connected to God the more powerful, and peaceful our lives will be.
Our core values are:
1. We highly value knowing what we believe, and why we believe it.
2. Every member of Divergent is a minister, and an ambassador of Jesus.
3. We focus first on the things that unite us.
4. Everyone matters to God and is equally important.
5. Be real, be genuine, be honest.
6. We are the church, all of us, it is not a building but a community.
7. We are both, intellectual and emotional about our faith. A head knowledge and a heart knowledge, which brings balance and maturity.

We are a group of people who follow Jesus, and desire to know truth. We are a group of people who try to love each other, and try to love everyone the way Jesus has loved us. We aren't perfect, but we strive to be real, to be genuine, and honest. We are a church, we are Divergent.
Why divergent? It's a name that means different, non-conforming; relating to or becoming an infinite series, without limits. This defines us, who we are in Jesus. We become different, "if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation". We become limitless, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". We are not controlled but instead we are free to think, "do not conform to the patern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds".
We become Divergent
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Our Mission: Changing lives with the power of the W.O.R.D.

We believe people desire more. There is a desire for something other then just attending a church, or hearing a motivational message. We believe people want to connect to something greater then ourselves, that is what so many long for today.
Our Mission is: Changing lives with the power of the W.O.R.D.
That translates to 4 major principals.
Will of God, when we see God has a unique plan for each of us it changes how we live, it changes how we see ourselves.
Obedience, this is a trait that we don't see as glamorous in our society today, but as we come under authority, we ourselves gain authority, and raise our level of influence. Obedience is something that can change us, and even elevate us to new levels.
Revernce, the Bible tells us the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Having a respect for God and who He is changes how we look at things around us, and how we approach Him. It causes us to remain humble, and helps us to have peace in troubled times knowing how great our God is.
Dedication, is something that will carry us through even the toughest times, and into our destiny. Dedication is what can help lead to a life of integrity, accomplishment, and fulfillment.
 Will of God, Obedience, Reverence, Dedication, all of these traits can be found in the Bible, the Word of God. All of these traits can be cultivated in our lives to help us become everything we were created to be. Come join us on a life changing journey, and let's reach to new heights together. Come join us as we
Change lives with the power of the WORD.

This is why we say Divergent is,
A place you can come as you are, be who you are, and become more then you've ever dreamed.

Pastor James and Crystal Jones

​​Pastor James and Crystal Jones grew up in the Frederick area. They both attended and graduated TJ High School in Frederick. They were in fact high school sweethearts who married and began to build their family together.
They served as Jr. High Youth Pastor's at the Maranatha Church of God in Frederick Md.
They then went to Westminster to Youth Pastor there for 2 years.
They spent the next 11 years in Baltimore as the Senior Pastors at the Celebration Church.
They came home to Frederick Md in 2013 to serve along side of long time mentors and friends at the leading of the Holy Spirit.
In the summer of 2016 after much prayer they knew God was leading them to plant a new church in the Frederick area. They spent the next several months in prayer every week with a few other believers. In 2017 Divergent was birthed in prayer, and today we continue to grow by the grace of God, and for the glory of God.
Pastor Jones has a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Theological Seminary, and a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Southeastern Theological Seminary as well. He is the author of the book Free to Think, and is currently working on his next book. He has owned his own carpentry business in Baltimore, and now currently works as a superintendant of a commercial architectural millwork firm here in Frederick. His relatable preaching style combined with his passion to see people become everything they were made to be helps him to lead the Divergent Church with love and compassion.